Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Harper's copy-cat speech; Polls slide for Tories

I had confidence that the Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, would shoot themselves in the foot. They are only really competent at spin. As soon as one of their candidates speaks, the media are hustled off by Harper's praetorian guard of Mounted Police, lest the public hear the inane and often venomous opinions of the useless Conservative candidates. Let us not forget that even the Cabinet and the PMO is hardly flawless. Just think of Maxim Bernier, Rhona Ambrose and the various backroom operatives that keep having to resign.

Really, I didn't think Harper himself would be to blame for sabotaging his own campaign. He must think Canadians are so stupid and of short memory that they wouldn't notice his past performance; That the taxpayers(even Conservative ones) would not notice he's bribing them with their own money by creating spending proposals that reflect polls and the news cycle- take the tax break for arts classes;That he would say or do anything to get elected; that behind this year's sweater is the same Mr.Mean there's always been.

Not noticing he was reading John Howard's speech word-for-word? That speaks to incompetence, both his and that of his staff.

The polls- Ekos, Nanos and Strategic Council- all show the conservatives are sliding because eventually some Tory opens his mouth. This is especially true in swing ridings in Quebec and British Columbia where Conservatives often won with a tiny margin. It's time to shut down amateur hour.


Go to to see which of his candidates he has muzzled most recently.

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