Friday, May 11, 2007

The world as will and representation, ch2

"The body is object among objects and is subordinated to the laws of objects , although it is an immediate object."
WWR p.5

Schopenhauer regards space,time and causality as a priori, that is knowledge that exists prior to any particular experience. Merely being a subject gives us this insight.

This phenomenological position, privileging our subjective experience, pressents my starting point for a theory of knowledge that is live, momentous and forced, to use Dewey's criteria. Neither Schopenhauer nor myself advocate a solipsistic view of the universe. However, our own experience is the lens that we must approach it through. The experience we can first look at is the experience of being embodied.

Do we find space, time and casuality a priori through the immediate experience of the body?

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