Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Climate change:Con or Catastrophe?

After thousands of scientists who specialise in meteorology, geology and other aspects of our climate weighed in, and then thousands more such experts analysed and reviewed the data...
we're getting warmer. It wont be pretty, it might actually benefit Canada's economy(and thrash much of Asia and Africa), but it is as real as that computer screen you're staring at.

Here are two summations
The British Royal Society of Science(PDF file)
The US National Academies of Science
I haven't included any of the purported climate change deniers, because the opinions of non-specialist academics(philosophers, economists, literary critics) have little more value than the opinion of some ignoramous with a internet connection, or a journalist, who often as not have no significant knowledge of modern science.

Giving a platform to a paranoic is not balance- it is stupidity.

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Alicia said...

I'd agree with you that it makes more sense to talk to the scientists than to the journos, politicians...and those others aren't trained in this field to comment. There's probably some scientists who while they've not got that 'cool' cache, that someone famous might have, they can explain in simpler words what's happening with the planet.

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