Sunday, June 29, 2008

Folk Festival on the Canal

Last weekend, I went to the Terrace in back of the McAuslin Brewery to watch the Folk Festival on The Canal. It was a great day; good bands- a big Shout out to United Steel Workers of Montreal, Notre Dame de Grass and Rob Lutes. There were several other great bands that I didn't get to hear, because it was a hot, sunny day and you just can't leave a four year old outside from Noon to 10:30 PM.

The site was busy, with a lot of people just stopping by on the Canal to listen. Inside the paying customers were shoulder to shoulder. The organisers had thoughtfully provided a daycare crew to keep the little ones amused. The whole event felt like a really big barbeque organised by your cool, wealthy uncle- in this case Peter McAuslin.

This one of the many cultural events sponsored by McAuslin. Full disclosure, I have loved the beer since it first came on the market, and live 3 minutes walk from the Terrace. I'll try not to gush.

I had a chat with with Gern of USWM. He said it was the mellowest show they'd played in years. They must be the most raucous alt-blue grass band around then, because they added a rollicking set to a pretty energetic roster of performers. He said most of the group are local now to St.Henri and The Point. This makes them, although he's too modest to make the claim, legitimately part of the St.Henri cultural renaissance.

I'm looking forward to the second edition, next year.

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