Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hiding Bernier's skeleton behind Cadman: the Conservative closet is filling up

So that's what happened: it took six months for the Tories to discover that the tape that implicated Stephen Harper in an attempt to influence Chuck Cadman was doctored. And I thought that exonerating the PM would've have been the Conservative's first priority. After all, analysis of a few seconds of tape requires perhaps an afternoon and the appropriate software.

It reflects on the current state of the government that it is willing to resurrect the Cadman Affair. Could they consider Cadman less scandalous than Bernier? If so, given that the whiff of cover up doesn't distract from the potentially criminal nature of influence peddling implicit in the Cadman affair, what remains to be discovered about Bernier / Coulliard?

Regardless, the man who interviewed Stephen Harper, and recorded the mysterious "financial considerations were discussed" comment insists the tape was recorded as is. Oddly, the Conservatives are suing the Liberals to prevent them from using the tape in advertisements. The man who made the tape, Tom Zytaruk, isn't being sued for allegedly falsifying it.


Fakirs Canada said...

You can download the tape at the centre of the storm, Zytaruk's interview with Harper at:

using the latest free edition of RealPlayer, which you can get at:
Marnie Tunay

adamvs said...

Thanks Marnie,

I hadn't realised the audio was so easily available.

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