Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adam's Magnan's Marathon

So my running project, that I've been working on since spring, is to run a Marathon. That is to say, I plan to run 42km. Today, I ran 16km in 2:27. The overall pace is slow partially because I stop to do exercises every kilometer, and because I'm pushing my son in a jogging stroller. These wont figure into the actual race.

However, trying to coordinate my training with an scheduled, organised marathon, like the Montréal Marathon has proven very difficult. So I decided to create my own personal race, which starts where the St.Remi tunnel crosses beneath the Lachine canal, and ends a five minute walks from Magnan's restaurent. The route that follows the Lachine canal bike path, loops around Lasalle once then goes half way around the circuit. At that point I will head east to Wellington street. The route continues to Center Street, in Pointe St. Charles, where I continue on to about three blocks from Magnan's.

The goal is to finish the run, in a time under four hours, and then celebrate with a Surf & Turf dinner at Magnan's. As the time approaches I'll update and also set an event on Facebook. Given my progress, we're looking at sometime in early November. I haven't generally talked about it, because I've been jinxed at four previous attempts at competing in a marathon( two broken toes, one nasty bronchial infection and a move to another city). However, my fitness is good, my training is progressing and life is reasonably stable. Fingers(and toes) crossed!

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