Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adam's magnan's marathon: post4

So today I'll be out there again. First run since I injured my ankle, last weekend. A little shorter- I'm planning 16Km. I'll let you (I think one person in the blogoshere is moderately interested in my progress) know how it went.


Hu-ah!- 20 km in 2:20. Yes, I'm a little proud of myself. Not bad considering I was pushing a running stroller and stopping to do a set of strength exercises every klick or so. The ankle gave me no problems and I think the forced rest was good for my performance. But now the real hard work begins. Strength ( that means hills) and even longer runs(that means up to 38km).

Big shout out to my buddy Roger S., who is running a half-marathon, today.

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