Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall update

Well, Anton has adjusted to his new school and has begun assimilating French- his English is precocious. I'm back into my MA in Art History, currently doing research into industrial architecture in Montreal and the confluence of video games and architecture. Sadly, my wife has decided that a divorce is in order and I agreed. Her feelings for me have faded, so she says. What could I say- "yes, you really love me!" We'll find a mediator and resolve this as amicably as possible.

I may be posting less...and working more.


René Ghosh said...

Hi Adam, sorry to hear that. It seemed something was amiss following the I-have-no-mouth-but-I-must-scream post. Please keep posting, in any case. You'll be running your marathon soon, I don't know anyone who's run a marathon outside of organized events. You're quite a character!

adamvs said...

I'm behind schedule- It looks like a christmas marathon, now.
What are you doing with yourself?

René Ghosh said...

Well, for one, I've been marathoning myself (http://rghosh.free.fr/essays/berlin2008marathon.html) and writing short plays about marathon runners (http://rghosh.free.fr/fiction/marathon1.html)

Scott12xu said...


Sorry to hear about the divorce. I'm not sure what I can say to lift your spirits so I will just say keep your chin up. If you want to contact me, I can be reached at smunroe@everestkc.net - I can give you my phone # there if you want.

Scott Munroe

Scott12xu said...

Adam: I'm away from the everestkc.net address for a week (mother-in-law's wedding in Maine; T-giving w/ my parents in CT) so contact me at neonfromcandlelight@yahoo.com

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-E.M. Forster