Friday, July 03, 2009

Child's patio bench; Recycled wood scraps project #1

So I built this child's patio bench out of wood scraps Anton had retrieved from a fence building job I worked on in May. At the end of the day , I said he could take home the scraps of 2 x 6 tamarack he had been building into castles and cars and what not. The pile was not inconsiderable. After the lumber scraps sat on our back deck for 6 weeks, I asked him if I could make a bench for him using his wood scraps. He agreed and after an hour and 45 minutes, there it was.

Tamarack naturally resists decay so it makes for good outdoor furniture. I cut the pieces to reflect my son's dimensions. With a little more material, I could have made a similar low seat suitable for an adult. The bencsh will seat two 5 year olds, or 1 adult(but imperfectly). The design reflected some of the scraps were very short; none were over 31 inches long.

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