Friday, September 18, 2009

Shopping for groceries

So I was reading this article, about the general improvement of gastronomy in the U.S.A and I reflected on this little snippet:

"the foods of Mediterranean Provence (based on olive oil, the fresh fruits of the earth and sea, and the general habit of going to the market with a string bag every day)"

I like going to the market everyday, choosing the food based on freshness, my culinary mood, and knowing that it wont succumb to freezer burn, or reduce to compost because I bought too much, and had it sit in the fridge too long.

This afternoon, when I pick up my son from daycare, I'll choose vegetable from the little farmers' market that sets up shop in his school yard on Friday afternoons. It is an experiment, but a valuable one. I hope it is successful, because it gives a chance for parents to make grocery shopping an activity, rather than a chore, followed by the chore of cooking and sadly, the chore of eating. Instead, we'll pick stuff together, play in the park for a few minutes, and he'll help me by bringing utensils, cutting up vegetables( as appropriate for his strength and dexterity). Then we sit and eat together.

It is a ritual I try to maintain, because it seems healthy, and grounding. It takes food to be more than fuel, because we are more than machines, even if I do refer to us as "meaning machines", as Prof. Deb Roy refers to both AIs and people.

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